Fresh Peach & Ginger Bourbon Old Fashioned–the Customer is Mostly Always Right

The is not really an Old Fashioned; technically its more like a Daisey or a Fix, (bad Flighty!), but back in the day when I first made one of these behind the bar at the Orbit Room (1900 Market St. San Francisco) making up drinks was a lot more fun; There wasn’t a “speakeasy” on every corner or know it all “Cocktail Correct” customers to critique one’s every move, people just liked a tasty drink, and I assure you this one is tasty.

Inspired by a customer request for So-Cal Old Fashioneds, a liqueur we did not stock at the bar, Miss Flighty and not wanting to disappoint these visitors from KY I asked them to watch the bar for a couple o’ minutes (Don’t tell my boss, and it was a slow Wednesday afternoon and we were the only ones there!!”  I ran across the street to the corner produce stand, the source of many of my daily specials and I bought 4 ripe peaches to muddle in with the bourbon, bitters and raw sugar—’cause basically SoCo is a Peach Whiskey liquour.  The gentlemen we skeptical at first but the lovely taste of peach and ginger with Maker’s Mark won them over and a new Orbit Room favorite was born.  I also made variants with fresh Pomegranate seeds, or tangerines slices or fresh sour cherries.  Yest I know that this drink is not a “proper pre-prohibition” cocktail, but its good and its strong so mix one up and see. xoxoxox Flighty

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