The Bijou | Classic Gin Cocktail with Fresh Herb Lillet Infusion (3 versions)

the Gin Bijou

The Bijou is Miss Flighty’s summer Negroni. To her creative palate the two drinks are opposite but the same–one fervent with dark heady spices and piquant bitter, the other herbaceous, zesty, and clean like wildflowers or a Spring rain.  The Bijou is a cocktail classic originally pulled from a vintage Trader Vic’s bar book. The recipe consists of gin, vermouth, and green Chartreuse, stirred and served in a cocktail glass.  This drink became a customer favorite at the Orbit Room (1900 Market St. San Francisco) in 2006 and Alberta began exploring several variations. Here in this episode of Cocktails on the Fly we see her whip up three different versions, very similar and each more tasty than the next:  One with Dry Vermouth, one with Vermouth Bianco and muddled fresh cucumber, and a herbal-infused Lillet Blanc version, with muddled leaves of chocolate and pineapple basil.


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