The MaryAnn with Ginger | Gin, Pimm’s, & Fresh Mint Bring these Sexy Castaways Together

The MaryAnn with Ginger, Together at Last-you no longer need to choose.  Ok, maybe Miss Flighty’s gone a bit far, but for the lovers of 60s Television sitcoms there is no such thing.  Where else but in the minds of Hollywood studio execs could daily lives of not one but two suburban American families have the unexpected twist that all of its members are some sort of iconic monster?  Sexy witches, lovesick Jeannies, cowboys, or cartoonish super heroes populated the airwaves.  We watched because TV was still new, it was a family affair unlike today where Mom, Dad, Bobby, and Susie are almost never really speak, their online lives being much more compelling.  The one thing that hasn’t changed, however, is

and the hot babes populated within, the names-especially when mentioned together-of the two sexy young female cast members of the iconic show Gilligan’s Island inspired dreamy far away looks and sweetly lascivious smiles from both men and women, making this drink one of Miss Flighty’s most popular ever.  Inspired by the Pimm’s Cup, only a version with a little more boozy pep, the drink made its debut at the Orbit Room (1900 Market Street, San Francisco) during Trip Out Tuesday, Alberta’s popular weekly vintage stewardess party.  The theme that week was Aloha Airlines and along with tropical island Tiki decor, the menu offered the Banana Dano and the Brady Episode but the clear favorite was the MaryAnn with Ginger.  With the compelling complexity of cucumber and herbs, fresh ginger, mint, Pimm’s #1, and Plymouth Gin together at last on an uncharted desert isle, seems like a good place to be.

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