Cocktail Bitters | Miss Flighty Discusses 4 Notable Brands

Aromatic Cocktail Bitters

Aromatic cocktail bitters are a important component of many classic and modern day cocktails.  In this video Miss Flighty talks about four key brands: Fee Bros Orange, Angostura, Peychaud’s, and Regan’s Orange Bitters #6 , sussing out the flavors and potent ingredients.

Researching for the show and taste testing various drinks with the addition and exclusion of bitters revealed how much these exotic elixirs really bring to the cocktail’s flavor.  Even a dedicated enthusiast can be surprised when mixing a Manhattan with and without the addition of Angostura, as well as the effect of leaving Peychaud’s out of  the Sazerac.  With the increased popularity of experimentation and fine-tuning of the cocktail classics, many more brands and varieties of bitters are readily available at your favorite local outlets. Most well stocked liquor stores offer an array of choices-Fee Bros. has added grapefruit, cherry, lemon, and a very tasty “Barrel” recipe often used by your Flighty Hostess in the place of Angostura.  The Bitter Truth has an ever growing product line with a dedication to formulas of the pre-Prohibition era.

Remember, bitters make it better for cocktails dry and wetter!



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