Flighty Tips for the Kitchen Bartender | Mandolin Slicer for More Fresh Flavor

Get more for your muddle….

Mandolin Slicer

Cute Red Mandolin Slicer from KitchenAid

Like the aesthetically pleasing curves of the instrument of the same name, the Mandolin slicer streamlines an otherwise uneven and boxy cut fruit or vegetable into a uniform and sexy slice, easily transforming your cocktails from a haphazard demo to a fine-tuned piece. The Mandolin slicer was a bit of a renaissance to the Flighty mixing technique. Favorites like cucumber and apples, and other various seasonal surprises became easy to prepare for custom made drinks. Besides the obvious beauty of a symmetrical slice, they benefit the mixing process and give you more for your muddle.  This episode is one where we were just having some fun, a little off the cuff. Enjoy.

PS:  Be careful!!! The Mandolin Slicer–as you can see from the footage at the end of the episode–can be dangerous!  Its all fun and games ’til someone loses an eye.  Right? How would you get the liquor in the glass?


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