How to Stir a Cocktail Like a Bartending Bad-Ass

Dubious Tips for Cocktail Coolness from your Flighty Hostess

Since filming this video Speakeasy style bars serving pre-Prohibition style handcrafted drinks have sprung up everywhere; the Bay Area is lousy with ’em and at first it seemed a cocktail lovers dream to have an array of classics to choose from using long forgotten ingredients, handcrafted specialties, mixed with the kind of showmanship that would not have been out of place in the center ring of P.T. Barnum’s Greatest Show on Earth.

At first it was all very exciting and hush hush, Miss Flighty-praised widely back in the Bay Area as the “Alice “Waters of Booze,” and an award winning mixtress just made hostess of her own web cocktail show–was amazed and humbled by the knowledge and prowess of the bartenders of NYC and strove desperately to emulate them and thus avoid certain ridicule and this episode on “How to Stir a Cocktail” somewhat shaky and very un-Flighty result not to be emulated again on the show.

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So check it out…the best thing about with this classic technique is it looks darn cool if you can master it, if not just be sure to add your ice last (Flighty Style) and agitate ’til everything is nice and cold.  Rule of thumb is clear drinks, ones that are primarily spirits should be stirred, while those with citrus and syrups should be shaken.  But for Flighty it is not really a big deal; she thinks drinking should be fun and fresh and creative or lacking that–abundant and today’s trendy bartenders with their 1800s ironic handlebar mustaches and lengthy unsolicited historical lectures who regard thirsty customers as unworthy of the  honor of being served a $20.00 drink that took 30 minutes to prepare–YOU ARE SUCKING ALL THE FUN OUTTA DRINKIN’ N FLIGHTY DOESN’T LIKE IT.!!

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