Square One Organic Lemon-drop | Rejuvenate Tired Bar Staples with Top Notch Ingredients

Lets face it, all cocktail snobbery aside, this is a simple, well balanced drink that when made fresh, with quality ingredients, will satisfy guests that are hesitant to dive into the sometimes overwhelming specialty drink menus that are de rigueur at today’s modern cocktail bars.   This show is dedicated to Lisa, my podcast producer’s super fab girlfriend who let us take over her East Bay condo and turn it into a

Square One Organic Lemon-drop

set for Miss Flighty’s mixing endeavors.  After a day of filming, no matter what exotic concoction was made that day, she would get her Flighty Lemon-drop (made with “extra-care”) to enjoy as we attempted to put back together the disaster that was her kitchen….Cheers Miss Lisa and Thank you x 10!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Add Flavor and Flighty Flair to your Lemon-drop by adding a few fresh berries (muddle a bit and pack both the mixing glass and tin with ice, shake shake shake, and fine strain into the glass.  A little more sugar might be required…taste=testing is fun and an important part of mixing!  A edging sugar flavored with dried herbs or spices is another way to jazz up this drink, simply add to a jar of baker’s or extra-fine sugar, seal and store for a week to 10 days, its ready to use–in the drink or on the rim–and lasts indefinitely.

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