Maker’s Mark Boubon Julep with Georgia Peach & Ginger

Flighty’s Peach & Bourbon Julep

An “Alberta” Peach of a Bourbon drink made with Maker’s Mark, mint, and Miss Flighty’s Ginger Cardamom syrup,  muddled vigorously and topped with ginger beer. Wait until peaches are in season and soft and juicy; never puree, add slices as you muddle and allow fresh fruit to soak up the bourbon and ginger syrup in the bottom of the glass and make for a fun “fishing” expedition on a lazy summer afternoon.

  • If your peaches are not ripe, slice and submerge in Flighty Ginger Syrup for and hour or two, and voila! extra flavor and easy blending.
  • If you don’t have time to make a batch of the flavored syrup whip substitute simple syrup or barfine sugar (to taste) and thin slices of fresh ginger muddled vigorously for a quick and easy version of the recipe.

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