Mixology Tips for the Home Bartender | Pouring with Jiggers for Better Cocktails

Bartending Tips — Pouring with Jiggers

This subject of this “Flighty School” episode is “pouring”. Now be nice and keep the mocking to a minimum –we are aware that it is not rocket science, and furthermore, if you can’t pour your own drink we certainly can’t help you.  Even so, Alberta always has an opinion about mixing great cocktails, especially if you are new to check it out!

Use Jiggers when mixing cocktails for precision and consistency.  Free pours are faster, stronger, and often look cooler (A little flair behind the bar is not a bad thing…) but trust Miss Flighty, even the most experienced professional can miscalculate and even slightest imbalance can spoil a drink. If you are confident in you pour try a challenge:  practice with a empty liquor bottle filled with with water, mark the glass with indicators for Dash (1/16th of an oz), 1/2, 1 oz, 1 1/2 oz, and 2 oz and asses your efforts.   Next try mixing a Manhattan both ways and taste the difference jiggers make on your end result.

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