A Date With David Bowie I Flighty Iron Bar Chef Challenge

Arriving at a appropriate name for a new drink concoction is often the most difficult part of the process for many mixologists, butin the case of A Date with David Bowie MissFlightyfaced the unique challenge of creating a drink  for a customer who already had a name in mind.

Bowie & Flighty


Who wouldn’t want to go on a ‘Date with David Bowie?'” that was the question Miss Flighty was asked to ponder when a group of erudite cocktail consumers ordered one on a busy Friday night.  They had obviously heard that at the Orbit Room (1900 Market St. San Francisco)  the best drinks were not found on the menu, but instead one should provide Miss Flighty with a few general guidelines and allow her to custom create your very own drink special.  These guests would not let her off that easy and instead offered up a challenge of “Iron Chef-like” proportions:  three rounds, they came up with a name and Miss Flighty was to do her best to create a beverage, on the fly, on a night so busy you could see the walls (have I mentioned how hard it is to simultaneously muddle and think?)  The “cocktail satirists (or sadists as it seemed at the time) required:

    • Round One:  Pinocchio after he Gets in a Fight with Gippetto. (Miss Flighty was really sweating this one, but she cooley (O.K. not really cool, more like frazzled-ly) responded, “Is that before or after he becomes a real boy?”
    • Round Two:  Aristotle After the Fall (WTF?)  Not having any Hemlock at her disposal, Miss Flighty came up with the next best thing:  the Earthquake, a classic cocktail with equal parts Bourbon, Gin, and Absinthe, enough to bring about cardiac arrest to the heartiest of drinkers.
    • And finally the drinks we have here in the video, the Date with David Bowie. While it is true that no mere beverage, even one with tons ‘o booze can ever come close to the genius of the Glam Pop Legend, but throw some of that Ziggy Stardust Sugar around the rim of a glass and you are gonna enjoy it. Miss Flighty sez, “Cheers and good drinkin’.”

Ziggy Stardust Sugar



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